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Sour Jolly Planets (Sour Jolly Ranchers)

Sour Jolly Planets (Sour Jolly Ranchers)

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Don't be afraid to explore beyond the stars - Discover Sour Jolly Planets! This crunchy, sour out-of-this-world treat has five sour boosted flavors - green apple,  watermelon, blue raspberry, cherry and grape - for a perfect flavor blast. Available in two sizes, you can share the fun with family and friends. So start your intergalactic mission - and get ready to enjoy a tasty treat! Medium 1oz-1.5oz and large 2oz-2.5oz


(Please note all candy uses the same two bag sizes Medium 5x8x2 and large 6x9x3. Candy size and weight may very. Bags are typically filled by volume not by weight.)

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