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Dinosaur Eggs (Fudge Brownie) (M&M's)

Dinosaur Eggs (Fudge Brownie) (M&M's)

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Meet the Jurassic snack! Our Dinosaur Eggs (Fudge Brownie) will make you roar with delight. Put your feet up and sink your teeth into our Ferocious Fudge Brownie Eggs - they'll take your taste buds back in time to a world ruled by dinosaurs. Put your snack-face on! Available in Medium 3.7-4.2oz and large 6.7-7.2 oz.

(Please note all candy uses the same two bag sizes Medium 5x8x2 and large 6x9x3. Candy size and weight may very. Bags are typically filled by volume not by weight.)

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